Konect App for Telecommunications

When it comes to expanding and maintaining telecommunications infrastructure, Konect provides the detailed maps, diagrams and data required to keep our world connected.

With thousands of nodes and millions of fibres to splice – expanding and maintaining the national broadband network is complex enough without wrestling with smudged paper printouts pinned down on a car bonnet. Konect simplifies telecommunications jobs by providing all the information your team needs and encourages reporting from their own smartphones. 

The Konect app revolutionises telecommunications work and boost productivity by:

Replacing paper printouts for contractors with targeted distribution of workflows and detailed maps

Providing all the relevant information that may be required, such as pit, duct, cable and splice details on the app

Accurately collecting data with flexible forms that incorporate geo-tagging, conditional logic and auto-populating fields

Streamlining reporting with real-time photo and file uploads that are automatically linked to each project

As the only flexible location-based data collection app for the telecommunications industry, Konect allows you to build rich, flexible forms, beautiful basemaps, and import, collect and export data without any coding experience. 

Konect allows delivery partners to:

  • Create detailed yet easy to follow workflows.
  • Bulk import and export documents, photos and choice-lists.
  • Import and export spatial datasets in CSV, GeoJSON, Esri Shapefile SHP, MapInfo TAB file, and KML file formats.
  • Monitor task completion in real time, and playback account activity during an incident review.

With Konect in the field you can:

  • Receive workorders and all the relevant information on their own mobile device. No special equipment is required.
  • Quickly complete field inspection work with smart forms and photo uploads
  • Identify the right cable or pit to focus on, and zoom in for more information on the app
  • Document work progress, including verification photos, that are automatically linked to the right project

How Konect is being used to roll out telecommunications infrastructure

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