About Konect

Konect represents 30 years of knowledge, experience and insight in the collection and management of spatially located data. The app was developed by Global GBM, an Australian software company based in Brisbane, Queensland. 

Global GBM launched in 1991 as a geoscience data and mapping consultancy. Over the years we have evolved into a world-leading software developer that leverages advances in spatial database technologies, cloud computing and real time communications. 

We built our first mobile data collection application, GBM Mobile, in 2002 when mobile computing was in its infancy. We continue to refine and update our software to ensure it remains at the leading edge of technology.  

Konect provides world-class solutions for local and state governments, as well as the communications, asset management, environment, and agriculture sectors. We continue to develop and support Konect as it emerges as the premier product in the mobile data space.