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Create maps, smart forms and custom workflows using our advanced project builder or choose from pre-made, industry-appropriate solutions.

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You're in good company.

I’ve tried other data collection systems and in my experience only Konect has been developed to collect data in a highly scientific, ordered, flexible fashion by people who have collected field data themselves.
Rod Dawney from Ausmec recommends GBM Konect
Rod Dawney
Konect makes what was the difficult part of research and evaluation really simple. We can easily modify Konect on the fly, without having to re-jig the whole system.
Dr Hugh Butler from Marine Algae Products recommends GBM Konect
Dr Hugh Butler
Marine Algae Products
I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on data projects that have delivered very little in the past. When it comes to cost effectiveness, Konect is a very superior product.
Barry Sullivan from Lagom Spatial recommends GBM Konect
Barry Sullivan
Lagom Spatial