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Konect App for Agriculture, Vegetation & Environment

Konect can’t predict the weather, or reduce disease, or dig a hole (yet!), but its ability to collect, analyse and report on field data is second to none.

Australia’s leading agriculture companies use the Konect app

TurfcoMarcus Rogers, General Manager
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Now we spend time on growing, harvesting and selling grass, not being bogged down on paper and data.

Digital Advancement for Agriculture Vegetation & Environment


Konect replaces paper in the field with digital data and maps, easily accessible on any mobile device for agriculture and environmental tasks.


It aids in understanding and improving crop yields and environmental conditions, offering clear and straightforward data analysis.


Farmers and environmentalists quickly access vital data, report findings, and fill out forms on their smartphones, making data handling more practical.

GBM Konect iphones with alternative maps

On-Demand Field Insights

Access critical field data instantly, including crop conditions and environmental details, right from your app.

Precision Agriculture

Collect field data accurately with customisable forms that support geo-tagging, streamline decision-making, and improve farm management practices.

Effortless Field Reporting

Simplify field updates with immediate photo and document uploads, ensuring all project data is up-to-date and interconnected.

How Konect is changing the game for Agri-business

AgKonect — a revolutionary new approach to farming data systems.

AgKonect helps farmers gather, store and analyse their field-level information so they can make better decisions through their farm operation. By delivering valuable insights on the farm floor, AgKonect enables farmers to measure their performance – driving greater performance and profitability.

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