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Konect App for Maintenance Management

Konect is minimising expenditure and maximising efficiency, and it’s never been easier, with end users no longer bombarded with unnecessary complexity and redundancies.

Australia’s leading Maintenance Management use the Konect app

Sorell Council in Southern Tasmania
Sorell Council in Southern TasmaniaJulie Mann, GIS Manager
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Konect has delivered so many cost and time savings across all levels. From the administration to the person on the front line, we have a system that’s easy to use across so many departments. It’s customisable, there’s no duplication, it’s brilliant for picking up a lot of data in one shot, and it’s easy to learn.

Helping Coordinate Maintenance Services


Konect transforms disaster management by replacing traditional paper-based methods with digital maps and data, instantly accessible on mobile devices.


It streamlines the handling of complex disaster scenarios, providing critical updates and detailed operational insights in an intuitive format for swift response.


Emergency teams quickly access crucial information, report developments with ease via photos, and utilise smart forms for efficient communication and documentation.

GBM Konect iphones with alternative maps

Rapid Information Access

Quickly access essential disaster-related information, including contacts, locations, and resources directly through the app.

Effective Data Collection

Capture critical data accurately with customisable forms that support geo-tagging for precise location tracking and situation analysis.

Incident Reporting

Improve response times with instant photo uploads and document sharing, ensuring all information is timely and interconnected.

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