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It Takes Two Flints to Make a Fire

How a partnership forged in data is disrupting the GIS industry.

When a boutique start-up looked at disrupting the traditional approach to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), what was it that prompted them to partner with a business that’s been around for over 30 years?

Nigel Lester, from The Spatial Distillery Company explains, “Put simply, Konect is built with the best and latest technology. A lot of tech is reaching the end of its days, but Konect’s flexible, modern technology base can quickly adapt to both our, and our client’s needs.”

Formed two years ago, The Spatial Distillery Co. is busy turning raw data into elegant location solutions, while Konect’s powerful, customisable and sophisticated system – that requires no code – is revolutionising the workforce and boosting productivity. The two are ideally matched.

Nigel continued, “Whether it’s Telcos, local government, financial services or insurance, there’s a real demand to make mobile field crews more efficient. Productivity, cost efficiency and compliance are dictated by having a single data collection point, flowing back to the office and being translated effectively. We identified Konect as the most powerful, flexible solution that integrates remarkably well to achieve that.”

While so many others are off-the-shelf, Konect is fully customisable. A function not lost on Spatial Distillery. “There are hundreds of different systems operating in the back-end of any business. Though their systems may be limited, Konect is not, and we are able to capture data flow at all points, making it the true best-in-breed solution.”

Spatial Distillery is at the top of its game when it comes to understanding business processes, and coupled with expert advice, outstanding customer service and now Konect, they have all the tools to offer recommendations and solutions to business at the highest level. Growing rapidly, the Asia Pacific region is already offering even more scope for their ambitions, and the footprint across Australia is expanding daily. They are proving a driving force for change in local government, both small and large, as well as working with the big names in telcommunications. Konect, who are accelerating software development and transformational technologies throughout its domestic and international markets are no less motivated.

The messaging between Spatial Distillery and Konect is very similar: Let’s make things simple. Let’s find the best solution. Let’s be there for the client every step of the way.

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