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Konect App for Utilities

For all the things we take for granted, Konect is playing its part alongside the men and women charged with ensuring that these things run smoothly.

Our latest testimonials

DownerAdrian Dorman, Design Manager
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Konect is dragging Telcos – who are meant to be at the forefront of technology – to the forefront of technology!
Tecktrum Consulting
Tecktrum ConsultingHarvey Ryan, Tecktrum Consulting
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Konect turned a Telco’s logistical predicament into a streamlined, productive process.

Streamlining tasks for Utilities Management


Konect upgrades utilities management by digitising operations, providing mobile access to maps and critical data for smoother service delivery.


It breaks down complex utility tasks, offering clear, actionable insights for maintenance and asset management, accessible through an easy-to-use interface.


Utility workers gain rapid access to essential information, streamline their reporting with photo uploads, and use simplified forms on their smartphones, improving response times and operational efficiency across water, energy, and environmental sectors.

GBM Konect iphones with alternative maps

Information on Tap

Provides immediate access to critical utility data such as asset locations and status, directly in the app.

Smart Data Capture

Enables precise data collection with customisable forms that feature geo-tagging and smart logic, optimising utility field operations.

Instant Update Capability

Facilitates swift reporting through immediate photo and document uploads, connected directly to utility projects for real-time oversight.

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