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Konect App for Roads

The roads industry has never been so mapped. With efficient GIS mapping solutions, Konect is paving the way for intelligent decision making in the roads industry.

Australia’s leading governments use the Konect app

Northern Territory Government
Northern Territory GovernmentShane Tepper, Project Director
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Since we introduced Konect, and handed out road inspections to our contractors, their feedback has been that it’s extremely easy to use.
City of Greater Bendigo
City of Greater BendigoPaul Nicholson, Coordinator GIS & Asset Information
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I had a look at a few different systems but Konect was the most flexible. Other systems were only point based and you couldn’t draw a line or regions. I wanted to do a grading program that was based on road centerlines. The other software couldn’t do it.
East Arnhem Regional Council
East Arnhem Regional CouncilNatasha Jackson, Strategic Project Coordinator
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Konect’s capture of real time data across the 1200km of road networks provides interactive reports to assist with grant funding opportunities. The patterns it discovered really helped us improve productivity.

Building Roads


Konect transforms road management by replacing paper systems with digital mapping and data solutions, accessible on mobile devices for enhanced route planning and maintenance.


It simplifies the complex task of road maintenance and compliance, providing essential details and performance insights in a user-friendly interface.


Road teams can easily access vital information, report on maintenance and capital work progress with photos, and use streamlined forms, all from their smartphones, ensuring roads are safe and efficiently managed.

GBM Konect iphones with alternative maps

Road-Wise Info

Ensures instant access to critical road management details, including maintenance schedules and road condition reports, directly through the app.

Advanced Data Collection

Facilitates accurate data capture for road conditions and maintenance needs using forms with geo-tagging, ensuring precise location tracking and efficient maintenance planning.

Progress Reporting

Streamlines the reporting process with the ability to upload photos and documents in real-time, keeping all project stakeholders updated on road work progress and compliance.

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