Konect App for Maintenance Management

Konect is minimising expenditure and maximising efficiency, and it’s never been easier, with end users no longer bombarded with unnecessary complexity and redundancies.

While government sectors are the obvious choice when it comes to juggling the maintenance issues of a multitude of assets, such as roads, trees, parks and buildings, it would be wrong to think that they have the monopoly on such things.

There are many non-government Konect users that have an equally large number of assets to maintain. For example, a university campus is effectively a mini-town, with all the accompanying assets in need of effective management. Others are focussed on something more specific, such as trees, or a particular task, such as painting.

Successful maintenance is the oil that lubricates every cog and wheel of your business operation and Konect ensures that the resources and assets being used to drive your business forward are used effectively.

iPhone screenshot of a GBM Konect custom form to assist with maintenance management

Client Stories

Keep up to date with how Konect fits into the changing world of Maintenance Management.

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Roadworks slowing you down? How the City of Bendigo has been transformed by Konect and integration with their asset management system.

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The Power of Field Management

Paul Nicholson, City of Bendigo’s Coordinator GIS & Asset Information, explains why partnering with Konect – our powerful mobile field management App – has revolutionized their approach to field management.

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