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The Konect Story

From drawing board to world leading solution, the evolution of the Konect platform and its ground-breaking predecessors, GBM Mobile and GBM Portable, is an attention-grabbing combination of knowledge, experience and insight.
The future
The future

The world has an estimated 20 million field technicians operating worldwide. For them, and for us, the future of mobile data collection will be dominated by emerging and existing technologies. Robotics and drones are becoming the new normal, and the complexities of balancing AI with the human experience is at the forefront of modern thinking.

Konect is accelerating software development and committed to transformational technologies throughout its domestic and international markets. For us, customer expectations, and increasing business success is the future, and it began yesterday!

GBM Konect launched

With traditional methods of acquiring field data often resulting in inefficiencies, poor data quality and compromised work practices and safety, Konect arrives offering unprecedented flexibility, cost savings and productivity.

Highlights include: no programming requirements, on and offline operating capabilities, and easy customisation to meet any customer’s needs.

Global GBM & GBM Software founded

Global GBM rebrand – launched as a world-leading software developer, leveraging advances in spatial database technologies and personal computing.

World Wide Web
Global GBM delivers GBM Web, representing the progression of previous tools into the web browser world, and a key component of corporate wide GIS deployment.
GBM Portable
Global GBM recognises that mobile workers are looking for more screen ‘real estate’ on their laptops, tablets or slate computers and develops GBM Portable, including all the features of GBM Mobile for an even larger user base.
GBM Mobile

With mobile computing in its infancy, Global GBM launches GBM Mobile.

GBM Mobile successfully delivers a mobile data collection application for operation on PDA devices. Combining field worker experience with ongoing feedback from our seed customers, its innovative features offer interactive maps, GPS integration, photo-capture, data synchronisation and GBM Custom Forms.

Exa-Min founded

Global GBM launched. A geoscience data and mapping consultancy whose original mining industry consulting base was soon to extend into environmental management, land administration, local government, defence and telecommunications.

Quickly evolving into a world-leading software developer, leveraging advances in spatial database technologies and personal computing.